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Inclusive Innovation Exchange

Join us as innovators share success stories and lessons learned from building sustainable solutions and tackling new challenges in the ever-changing global health environment.

Inclusive Innovation Exchange
Why this matters

Innovators inherently look for ways to improve people’s lives.

“Innovators inherently look for ways to improve people’s lives. Those that pursue inclusive innovation ensure that their innovations affect people from diverse income levels and geographies,” said Marissa Gilman, co-lead of the Inclusive Innovation Exchange at Resonance. “We’ve found that people ranging from start-ups to multinational companies develop transformative ideas with these tenets in mind. Our aim is to provide a platform for them to share lessons learned and to inspire more life-changing innovations in health.”

The Inclusive Innovation Exchange showcases innovators who have designed meaningful solutions to improve health outcomes with and for local communities in emerging markets. It spotlights success stories and “how to” insights to help others effectively solve new challenges in an ever-changing global health environment.

Through the Exchange, innovators – from start-ups to intrapreneurs at foundations, NGOs, and large companies – share their experiences and lessons learned from designing, building, and scaling ideas at the intersection of the private sector and the international development communities. 

The Exchange profiles changemakers, their lessons learned, and key cross-ecosystem discussions to inspire future innovations and strengthen partnership opportunities. This platform serves as a “how-to” guide, providing digital content and sharing diverse perspectives to champion inclusive innovation in global health.

Program overview

About the Inclusive Innovation Exchange

About Inclusive Innovation

Inclusive innovation is an approach to developing novel products, services, and systems that shape long-term prosperity and quality of life in emerging markets. Inclusive innovation relies on local context; human-centered design; and strategic cross-sector partnerships to collaboratively design solutions, including and championing traditionally underserved or underrepresented populations in the process.

The Inclusive Innovation Exchange

Today, few platforms exist to unite ecosystem players, share lessons learned, and inspire future innovators to embed inclusion into their innovation process and outputs.

Resonance created the Inclusive Innovation Exchange (IIE) to address this gap. The IIE is an online platform with live and recorded webinars and additional resources to connect and inspire changemakers as they advance inclusive innovation in emerging markets. The first IIE series features innovation for global health.

Topics include challenges and opportunities in global health innovation, how to embed locally-driven design into the innovation process, and funding and scaling innovative new ideas.

Speakers will include players from across the innovation ecosystem, including local start-ups, investors, multinationals, foundations, and NGOs. The Exchange facilitates cross-sector dialogue and connects diverse actors that design, fund, and grow inclusive innovation.

Partners include the Legatum Center at MIT.  The Legatum Center for Development and Entrepreneurship at MIT was founded on the belief that entrepreneurs and market-driven solutions are critical to advancing economic and social progress in the developing world. The objective of this collaboration is to advance conversations about the role of systems-change entrepreneurs, policy influencers, and funders in building more inclusive healthcare systems. In facilitating those conversations, the Inclusive Innovation Exchange will become a catalyst for advancing scalable solutions to complex healthcare challenges in emerging markets.

The series will include three curated formats:

innovator watch

This format will focus on highlighting pioneering innovators and ideas.

market notes

This format will highlight the growth track of established start-ups and organizations, showcasing emerging market and sector trends to watch.


This format will serve as a cross-sector discussion about key themes for advancing inclusive innovation, such as how to scale and how to build effective partnerships.  

Upcoming Webinar

Expanding Digital Health Innovation in Emerging Markets

New services and business models are transforming access amidst COVID-19.

JOIN US: Thursday, February 4, 2020, 11 am - 12 pm EST

Inclusive Innovation Exchange core Team

Our Inclusive Innovation Exchange team has broad expertise and networks at the nexus of innovation and global health to launch, incubate, and scale this concept.

Jay Chikobe

Jay Chikobe

Jay Chikobe brings ten years of experience in enterprise development and open innovation. He is an Associate in Resonance’s Design and Innovation practice area, engaging public and private sector clients to leverage open innovation and partnerships to achieve lasting impact in enterprise and ecosystem development.

marissa gilman square LinkedIn-Headshot-1

Marissa Gilman

Marissa Gilman has ten years of experience working at the intersection of innovation and development and now leads Resonance’s Global Health practice. She managed consumer health innovation at Johnson and Johnson’s Design Studio and served as an innovation consultant to Google and other Fortune 500 companies.

Chantal Akinyemi

Chantal Akinyemi

Chantal Akinyemi will provide overall support as an experienced international development professional with a background in program management in economic growth and market systems development in Africa. She currently supports Resonance's flagship open innovation program, the USAID Catalyst project, under the Design and Innovation practice area.

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