Economic Growth and Trade

Creating cross-sector solutions that lead to thriving, diversified economies.

We bring the public and private sectors together in partnership to advance sustained economic growth.

Through partnerships, companies and the public sector invest in robust value chains and stimulate private sector development that impact growth in emerging markets in three ways:

Private Sector Growth and Investment. We work with clients and investors in all sectors to overcome the obstacles to private sector growth and diversification. Together with our clients, we open new markets and accelerate growth

Trade and Competitiveness. We work directly with major multinationals, investors, and governments to foster positive business-enabling environments; promote investment, regulatory reform and market systems development; and advance digital engagement and women’s economic participation. 

Workforce Development. Resonance helps clients create workforce development strategies that address the needs of workers, companies, and the marketplace. We also look ahead to help companies and communities anticipate and capitalize on tomorrow’s opportunities. 

Thought Leadership

Sparking the Growth of Small and Medium Enterprise

Recommendations for nurturing and scaling sustainable enterprise development in emerging markets.

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How We Can Help

We deploy innovative, collaborative growth solutions that also address the sustainability needs of the private sector in emerging markets. 

Analysis and Strategy

We work with clients to analyze challenges related to trade facilitation, gender equity, private sector diversification, market access, and workforce development. We pair analyses with actionable strategy and hands-on implementation to deliver context-smart, effective solutions. 

Partnership Development

On behalf of our clients, we design and facilitate cross-sector and pre-competitive partnerships that create supportive business-enabling environments and prompt investment in shared infrastructure and workforce development solutions. 

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Innovative Finance

We help investors and governments invest strategically to stimulate economic growth and private sector diversification. We also act as a matchmaker, connecting small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurs to the right finance solutions for every scenario. 

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Innovation and Business Model Design

We support SME development, foster entrepreneurial ecosystems, and create new economic growth solutions through our innovation toolkit—including open innovation competitions, enterprise acceleration networks, and business model design services. 

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Project Profile

TCA: Advancing Global Trade, Competitiveness, and Private Sector Development

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Meet with Kristin Beyard

As the Director of Economic Growth, Kristin Beyard oversees the firm’s agribusiness, trade, and competitiveness portfolio, leading a number of cross-sector partnership initiatives.

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