Economic Growth and Trade

We bring the public and private sectors together in partnership to advance inclusive economic growth.

We create cross-sector solutions for thriving, diversified economies. Through partnerships, companies and the public sector can invest in robust value chains and stimulate private sector development for growth and impact in emerging markets.

Private Sector Growth and Investment

In emerging markets, Resonance works with companies, governments, and investors to understand and confront the obstacles to private sector investment, growth, and diversification. We act both at an ecosystem level—advancing analysis, partnerships, and solutions to alleviate barriers to private sector investment—as well as with individual companies and SMEs to open new markets and accelerate growth.

private sector growth

Trade and Competitiveness

We work directly with major multinationals, investors, and governments to foster positive business-enabling environments; promote investment, regulatory reform and market systems development; and advance digital engagement and women’s economic participation.


Workforce Development

Resonance helps clients create workforce development strategies that address the needs of workers, companies, and the marketplace. We also look ahead to help companies and communities anticipate and capitalize on tomorrow’s opportunities.