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Expanding Digital Health Innovation in Emerging Markets

New services and business models are transforming access amidst COVID-19.

On-Demand | 63 Minutes

Originally Recorded on February 4, 2021

About this webinar

Three innovators share how they are expanding digital health services to meet consumer demand for healthcare in emerging markets. With moderator and author Deb Gordon, we’ll unpack key trends in consumer healthcare in three diverse settings, how innovative business models can expand access to health services, and the impacts of COVID-19 on digital health innovation.

In this episode, we will:

  • Explore three digital health business models for expanding patients’ access to quality healthcare in emerging markets;
  • Hear from health innovators about how they designed, launched, and scaled their ventures;
  • Discuss how healthcare consumerism trends are impacting health access in emerging markets;
  • Look at how COVID-19 has prompted health innovators to pivot, adapting their business models and services;
  • And reflect on the pandemic’s broader implications for digital health innovation.

IIE partners

Resonance is an award-winning global consulting firm working at the crossroads of development impact and private sector opportunity. We have designed and forged over 300 cross-sector partnerships to solve pressing business and global development challenges.

The Legatum Center was founded on the belief that entrepreneurs and their market-driven solutions are critical to advancing economic and social progress in the developing world. In collaboration with Resonance, the Legatum Center is advancing conversations about the role of systems change entrepreneurs, policy influencers, and funders in building more inclusive healthcare systems.

Meet The Presenters


Caitlin Dolkart

Co-founder & CEO, RESCUE.CO is a digital health platform that quickly connects subscribers with emergency responders via a tracking and dispatch system.


Sergio Medina

Founder, RISE

RISE is building a solution to track COVID-19 inoculations and create digital health identities for vulnerable populations.


Dr. Mohamed Aburawi

Founder, SPEETAR

Speetar connects patients in underserved markets with cultural- and language-matched specialists.


Deb Gordon

Author, The Health Care Consumer’s Manifesto

Deb is an experienced healthcare leader and focused on access for low- and moderate-income consumers.

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