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We are global problem solvers who deploy innovation, partnership, and market-led solutions to catalyze meaningful development impact and create private sector opportunity. 


We help companies create robust and sustainable global supply chains and succeed and scale in emerging markets.

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International Development

We work with donors and development partners to solve critical global challenges through private sector engagement and strategic partnership, thoughtful innovation, innovative finance, and actionable monitoring & evaluation.

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Development Finance Providers

We help foundations and development finance providers shape investment strategies for emerging markets; cultivate, screen, and prioritize pipelines of high-potential investments; and invest with impact.

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Webinar Series

Join Resonance and Global Innovators in the Inclusive Innovation Exchange

The Inclusive Innovation Exchange (IIE) Global Health Series engages innovators to showcase the incredible progress that individuals and organizations are making in expanding access to quality healthcare around the world. We will discuss new ideas, successful initiatives, and potential future partnerships to channel inclusive innovation to improve health access and outcomes.

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A Guide to Building Partnerships That Make a Difference

More than ever, governments and donors rely on the economic opportunity generated by companies to improve people’s lives. The success of the public and private sectors is inextricably intertwined. Strategic cross-sector collaboration is critical: Here's how to get started.

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Featured Publication

Solving Today's Biggest Business Problems Through Cross-Sector Collaboration

Today, businesses face complex, "wicked" problems – challenges with social and environmental dimensions that no one company can solve alone. Partnerships can generate business value and positive social impact, benefitting companies and communities alike.

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Our experts are here to help. We work collaboratively with our clients to shape and implement transformative solutions to a range of business and global development challenges.

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