Driving Impact, Resilience, and Sustainable Growth Worldwide

Impact Advisory

A consulting and implementation firm that helps companies, governments, and NGOs address urgent climate and social challenges.


We help define challenges and opportunities, design scalable solutions, and innovate and resource the initiatives that deliver transformative impact.

Delivering Transformative Solutions

Organizations and partnerships often require external expertise to identify resources, design strategies & plans, identify & leverage innovation, and implement locally to adapt, build resilience, and deliver impact. These are the services that deliver results for our clients.

Partnerships and Private Sector Engagement (PSE)

Partnerships & Private Sector Engagement (PSE)

Specializing in strategic pre-competitive and cross-sector partnerships that help our clients combine resources, know-how, and networks in powerful ways to solve problems and achieve impact.

Design & Innovation

Design & Innovation

Working with catalyst organizations and private sector clients to advance impact and sustainability goals through co-creation, inclusive, open and market-led innovation, and shared value partnership.

Innovative Financing

Innovative Financing

Providing clarity on the best ways to finance your sustainability and impact initiatives, including results-based grants, blended finance vehicles, development impact bonds, loan guarantees, and more.

Learning and Change Management

Learning & Change Management

Helping you design, facilitate, and integrate change management approaches and MEL across your organization and initiatives to advance goals, operationalize, and leverage data-driven insights to improve performance and impact.

"Resonance didn't simply advise; their team developed a partnership strategy with us, and designed a comprehensive roadmap and toolkit to operationalize and drive greater impact.”  

- Kelly Parsons, CEO, WaterAid

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