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Digital Health: What’s Needed for Success?

57 minutes

Technology often isn’t the barrier preventing digital health from flourishing. What are the actual must-haves to promote digital health access? Experts from the Global Fund, Microsoft, and the Novartis Foundation share.

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Resonance Webinar Series


Inclusive Innovation Exchange (IIE) – Global Health. Health innovators share success stories and on-the-ground insights from advancing new solutions and tackling emerging challenges in the ever-changing global health environment.

Cultivating the Future Through Food

Cultivating the Future Through Food. We’re bringing together cross-sector changemakers in lively discussions about best practices and lessons learned to drive positive impact through food system transformation.


Idea Exchange A collection of insightful conversations with impact leaders from around the world.

Impossible Series

Impossible Series - A Webinar Series, in partnership with the Christensen Institute, dedicated to telling the incredible stories of innovators who have defied all odds to create new markets that have had a significant impact on society.



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