Agriculture and Food Security

Helping players across sectors collaborate, co-invest, and innovate to build and support productive, regenerative, resilient, and nutritious food systems

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We deploy collaborative, market-led solutions for sustainable and productive agricultural systems. Our holistic approach to agriculture and food security consulting helps companies and the global development community advance regenerative agriculture, combat food insecurity, and boost the resilience of agricultural value chains.

Sector Expertise


Sustainable Food Systems

We map and assess environmental, socioeconomic, and market systems to devise context-specific strategies for more sustainable and resilient agricultural value chains.

Food Security

Food Security

We build cross-sector and pre-competitive partnerships to pilot new solutions to boost productivity, enhance resilience, and alleviate barriers to agricultural market development.

Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative Agriculture

We take a farmer-centric approach to build integrated, collaborative solutions that scale regenerative agriculture and unlock its positive impacts on people and the planet.

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Collective Impact Initiatives

We work with diverse stakeholders to identify and implement opportunities to increase the circularity of the food system and advance environmental impact.

Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture

Women’s Empowerment in Agriculture

We design and implement new tools, strategies, and partnerships that help companies empower women in agricultural supply chains, to drive social impact and improved business performance.

Our Agriculture and Food Security Consulting Process


Partnership Development

We build cross-sector and pre-competitive partnerships to co-invest in sustainable agricultural supply chains, alleviate barriers to agribusiness, and pilot new solutions for food security.


Design & Innovation

Through open innovation and strategic planning, we help clients sustainably increase on-farm productivity, transition to circular and regenerative business models, and improve environmental and social resilience in agricultural supply chains.

Innovative Finance

Innovative Finance

We identify innovative solutions to increase access to capital, structure impactful investments and scale effective interventions to drive business, social, and environmental outcomes across the food system.


Learning and Change Management

We work with partner organizations to design a tailored change management approach and MEL to align goals, and scale, operationalize, and improve transformative solutions across agricultural supply chains and communities.

"One of the greatest threats we face is food security. Resonance has strong capabilities in addressing solutions, often in partnership, on the ground, in the field, and below water."

- Tim Moore, Resonance Technical Adviser

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