Environment and Sustainability

Partnership and innovation to protect the planet.

We partner with companies and the global development community to forge collaborative, market-led solutions to pressing environment and sustainable business challenges. 

Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH)

Resonance brings together businesses and development actors to unlock finance, champion innovation, and develop market opportunities for WASH and water security. We have designed partnerships and finance mechanisms for affordable sanitation; rural water supply, treatment, and delivery; WASH communications; reducing non-revenue water; and addressing water pollution.


Conservation and Land Tenure

Resonance deploys our expertise in open innovation, enterprise development, cross-sector partnership, and development finance to advance bold new solutions to counter poaching and illegal wildlife trafficking, advance biodiversity and land conservation, and promote secure land tenure.


Climate and Disaster Resilience

Resonance has interviewed more than 400 companies in 10 countries about how the private sector can work in partnership with donors and civil society to reduce risk and build resilience to disasters and climate change. We map the private sector landscape, identify and build strategic partnerships, explore development finance opportunities, and deploy our inclusive innovation toolkits to protect supply chains, communities, and economies in the face of an uncertain future.

pse for disaster recovery and resilience

Sustainable Seafood and Ocean Conservation

Resonance is a leader in harnessing collaboration and cutting-edge technologies for sustainable seafood and ocean conservation. Through over 25 cross-sector partnerships in Southeast Asia and West Africa, we have worked directly with major seafood and technology companies, donors, and leading civil society partners to co-create new approaches to foster sustainable, equitable, and transparent global seafood supply chains.


Clean Energy

We help clients navigate the challenges of developing, financing, and implementing renewable energy projects, both on and off the grid. We provide transaction support, design financing facilities, and create new business connections for clean energy investment and development.


Sustainable Agricultural Supply Chains

We help companies innovate and partner with their farmers, suppliers, and stakeholders to advance supply chain transparency, resilience, and sustainability. To this work, we bring expertise in farmer engagement, regenerative agriculture, climate resilience, and circular economy approaches.