Partnership Training

We give our clients the tools and know-how they need for strategic partnership development.

We work with companies, foundations, and global development organizations to help teams develop the critical hard and soft skills for effective cross-sector collaboration. We provide trainings, on-going mentorship, and customized toolkits, tailored to your needs, goals, and existing capacity. 

Partnership Development Training

For companies and global development clients, we provide trainings and expert mentorship for every stage of partnership development. We help our clients understand what’s needed for successful collaboration, develop their in-house partnership expertise and skills, and tailor partnership tools for their unique needs.

Private Sector Engagement Training

We help international development organizations, foundations, and NGOs strategically engage the private sector to solve global challenges. We provide customizable private sector engagement tools, and we guide our clients in mapping private sector partners, applying a market-based lens to problem solving, and deploying partnership best practices.

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