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As soon as you sign your employee contract, you’re part of a diverse, committed, and passionate Resonator team. We love what we do and are constantly honing our skills to best serve our clients and partners, but most importantly, our employees.

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'One-Resonance' Mindset

We embrace the idea that we all work as one team at Resonance. This mindset helps us deliver horizontal fluidity across the company. In your role, you’ll hone your skills, gain experience, and progress in your area(s) of expertise. And you have every opportunity to work outside your wheelhouse on a project or initiative.

This "One-Resonance" mindset allows Resonators to grow while we also grow as a company. And that's just exciting. 

One Resonance Mindset

Encouraging Employee Growth

Resonance is committed to further supporting your growth, development, and fulfillment, here’s how.


Work-life balance

Remote work is the new norm and Resonance sees that productivity soars when we meet our people where they are. Developing strategies that suit you will lead to a sustainable work-life balance so that you can be at your best at home and at the "office".


An open, diverse culture

Resonance hires the best people with rich backgrounds, talents, and capabilities so that together, we continue to build a culture that makes Resonance a great place to work and where you can be your most authentic self.


Creating impact opportunities.

Resonators are part of a team that helps clients solve the most pressing global economic, environmental, and societal challenges, with one caveat. We recognize the importance of entrepreneurism and enterprise in driving transformative results and producing enduring change. This is what our clients expect from us, and this is what we deliver.


Focused on you.

Work-life and home life may not always be on the same page, and that’s okay. No matter what’s going on, we want to ensure that your career at Resonance is long and productive. We’re there every step of the way with the options and flexibility you need.

Parental leave

Parental leave coverage in every region for your most important transition.


Options like part-time and job-sharing when family or personal needs take priority.


We provide each regular full-time employee with 9 paid holidays and 1 floating holiday per year.

Jury duty

We encourage everyone to do their civic duty by supporting our judicial system. If you are called for jury duty or summoned as a court witness, Resonance grants you time off if you are needed in court.

Our Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Accessibility (DEIA) Committee

Inclusive and equitable collaboration is essential for driving sustainable global development. That same spirit of diversity, shared humanity, collaboration, and inclusion is at the heart of who we strive to be as a company. We are committed to an environment where every individual can thrive and be empowered by a sense of belonging, respect, and equity.


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