We work with the private sector to assess climate risks, and to plan, resource, and implement adaptation and resilience strategies to strengthen value chains -- benefiting business, people, society, and nature.

The physical and financial challenges associated with climate shocks are an urgent and growing concern for every company. They are derailing business models, disrupting supply chains, harming environments, and threatening the livelihoods of entire communities.


Sector Expertise

Regenerative AG and Farming

Food Systems and Agriculture

We help clients partner with donor agencies and NGOs to invest in smallholder productivity; create sustainable and resilient agricultural value chains; and safeguard agricultural livelihoods and food security.

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Supply Chain Resilience

We help clients strengthen their global manufacturing and agriculture supply chains. Through partnership and inclusive innovation, we help businesses take a collaborative, outside-the-box approach to climate adaptation and enhance supply chain resilience and sustainability.

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Oceans & Coastal Systems

We help clients identify and implement climate adaptation and resilience plans. This includes the development of cross-sector partnerships and innovative solutions for sustainable seafood and ocean conservation. We work directly with major seafood and technology companies, donors, and leading civil society partners to co-create new approaches to equitable, and transparent global seafood supply chains.

Partnership Assurance Model

Water & Nature Systems

We help the private sector work in partnership with donors and civil society to adapt to climate change and build resilience to climate shocks. We map the private sector landscape, identify and build strategic partnerships, explore climate finance opportunities, and deploy our inclusive innovation toolkits to protect water and nature systems, communities, and economies in the face of an uncertain future

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We help clients create the supply chains and business ecosystems needed to bring circularity to scale. Resonance empowers innovators and entrepreneurs to develop and grow inclusive circular economy businesses in global supply chains.


Digital and Technology Economy

We enable clients to leverage digital technologies to connect and engage with rural and underserved populations. We develop business models to deploy and scale-up digital tools and last-mile infrastructure.

Expanding Market Access

Expanding Market Access

We help our clients unlock opportunities and reach underrepresented customer segments in emerging markets. Together, we also identify new partners and resources to deepen companies' market understanding and support expansion priorities.

Our Services That Drive Impact

Sustainability and development professionals recognize the importance of working with outside experts to find the right external resources, experience, and perspective to drive meaningful resilience. These are the services that produce sustained resilience for our clients. See how they work together as part of our Resonance Sustainable Impact Approach.

Discover our Sustainable Impact Approach
Partnership Development

Partnership Development

We specialize in strategic partnerships that help our clients combine resources, know-how, and networks in powerful ways to solve problems and achieve impact.

Designed Innovation

Design & Innovation

We work with catalyst organizations and private sector clients to advance impact and sustainability goals through co-creation; inclusive, market-led innovation; and shared value partnership.

Innovative Finance

Innovative Finance

We provide clarity on the best ways to finance your sustainability and impact initiatives, including results-based grants, blended finance vehicles, development impact bonds, loan guarantees, and more.

Learning & Change Management

Learning & Change Management

We help you design and facilitate change management approaches across your organization to advance goals, garner buy-in, and leverage data-driven insights to improve outcomes and impact.

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