Our Sustainable Impact Approach

Our Sustainable Impact approach helps you integrate business and sustainability priorities into your business cycle, mutually reinforcing and simultaneously driving business results and lasting positive social and environmental impact.  

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The Solution to Your Sustainability Challenges

Organizations are responding to rapid changes across a range of sustainability issues. How you navigate this transformation will determine competitiveness, efficiency, and impact in the future.

Our Sustainable Impact approach will help you to shape priorities and focus on action.

Achieve integration across your organization

This is a common struggle. Whether it’s making the case for sustainability investment or garnering support for initiatives, effective Change Management across every stage is key to successful integration. 

Prioritize challenges and opportunities

Scoping is the critical first step in any sustainability initiative, and it doesn’t stop at exploring the challenges. Through landscape analysis and resource/opportunity mapping, you are ready for effective strategic roadmap design.

Understand and mitigate your risks

Effective Roadmap Design integrates business and impact demands into strategic solutions that minimize operational, financial, and reputational risks, while aligning goals to deliver sustainable impact.

Resource your roadmaps and initiatives

Not knowing what resources exist, or having enough of them, can stop well-designed initiatives in their tracks. Resourcing optimizes existing capacity and bridges the gaps to implement your roadmaps.

Align your goals to reach critical benchmarks

Organizations are always balancing competing objectives. Efficiency now requires that sustainability objectives are well represented in decision-making, to foster implementation, alignment, and scaling with confidence. 

Realize business value AND meaningful impact

Transformative change is necessary to remain competitive. This means anticipating challenges and identifying critical levers to realize greater, longer-lasting ROI and Sustainable Impact.

Driving Impact Starts Here

Our Sustainable Impact approach integrates impact initiatives into your business processes to help you create the momentum needed to deliver and scale initiatives across your organization. 

Our team is here to help you at every entry point and through every phase. 

Driving Impact Starts Here


We draw on our 20+ years in global development work to help you delineate the complex landscape in which your core challenges are embedded. Against that analysis, we identify unique opportunities at the nexus of your sustainability and business goals, and assess resources and capabilities to prepare for mapping.

Roadmap Design

Roadmap Design

Many organizations have 2030 roadmaps in place, but they may not clearly articulate where business goals and impact objectives intersect. We help you design and develop forward-leaning strategies and programs that move you beyond merely meeting targets to achieve transformative sustainability and financial objectives.



Sustainability leaders recognize they can't always meet their objectives "going it alone." With extensive expertise in facilitating pre-competitive and cross-sector partnerships, fostering innovation, and securing innovative finance mechanisms, we can help you bridge capacity gaps to effectively drive and execute your strategy.



We do more than help you carry out solutions and roadmaps. We draw on our expertise as a global implementing firm to help you fully operationalize across your organization and among stakeholders to help drive integrated business and impact objectives long-term. And this means building out agile processes to anticipate emerging levers and pivot points.

Change Management

Change Management

We have a global reputation through our partnership work facilitating, managing, monitoring, and evaluating custom change management and learning approaches. We bring that expertise to organizations to help implement processes, activities, and tools throughout the lifecycle of an initiative to ensure buy-in, minimize disruption, anticipate future market changes, and optimize impact.

"Clients need help solving problems, and those are the capabilities Resonance brings. No matter where you are in your journey, we can help drive meaningful, sustained impact."

- Resonance CIO Steve Schmida 

Our Areas of Expertise

Across industries, we help companies, development agencies, and NGOs implement innovative solutions to address a wide range of pressing global challenges.

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Why Resonance?

Facilitative Collaboration. Inclusive Innovation. Delivering Sustainable Impact.

Resonance has decades of experience developing and implementing strategies that drive both business and sustainability performance. Our global networks are as broad and deep as our combined skillsets, and our team brings this robust capability to help changemakers in diverse organizations discover new and proven ways to solve problems. 


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