Expanding Market Access

We provide strategic support to help companies and entrepreneurs reach new customers, seize opportunity, and mitigate the risks associated with new market entry.

unlocking frontier markets

We help companies and social enterprises understand, enter, and grow in new markets.

We pair our working knowledge of global frontier markets with our tailored analytical services to evaluate and advise our clients on new market opportunity. From early exploration through market entry and expansion, we provide tactical support that enables our clients to successfully and sustainably launch and expand new solutions, products, and business models to emerging markets around the world.

Market Exploration. We help companies, entrepreneurs, and innovators select new markets strategically. We work with our clients to consider and compare local context, supply availability, and competitor and customer landscapes in target markets that best fit their business strategy and offerings.

Market Entry. Before entering a new market, you have to do your homework. We help our clients assess their market potential to fully capture opportunities and anticipate risks prior to launch. We then work with clients to develop context-specific marketing plans and distribution strategies; to assess and forge supplier, vendor, and distribution partnerships; and to design, run, and monitor product pilots before launching at scale.

Market Growth. Once a product has been piloted and launched in a new market, it’s time to grow – and with growth, comes new strategic decisions to navigate. We work with clients to determine the best model for growth; incorporate learnings from initial market entry; conduct rapid analyses to assess and select new markets and geographies for expansion; adapt marketing, distribution, HR, and investment strategies; and develop new partnerships to accommodate expanded reach and operations.

Market Pivot. We help companies define indicators of success, anticipate risk, and outline the timeline and trigger points for reviewing market performance. As needed, we work with clients to develop a pivot or exit strategy to adapt a product offering, shift target customers, develop new channel partners, or exit and closeout responsibly based on market trends and internal business strategy.

Thought Leadership

Using Inclusive Business to Unlock Frontier Markets

In today’s global economy, major companies such as Unilever, Coca-Cola, Gillette, and Nestlé are capturing significant percentages of their revenue from emerging markets. This trend is only growing.

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How We Can Help

We help companies navigate and succeed in new markets through actionable strategy, tactical partnerships and business model design, and global and local insights.

Business Model Design

We help companies and entrepreneurs adapt and design business models to create new solutions, products, or strategies to thrive in emerging markets.

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Market Prioritization

We help companies assess and compare different markets, to prioritize the opportunities that best fit their products and business strategy.

Go-to-Market Analysis and Strategy

We set our clients up for success, by conducting competitive analyses; assessing market size; articulating value proposition; supporting customer definition, segmentation, and development; guiding pricing planning; advising marketing and distribution strategies; mapping the local context and policy landscape; and helping companies develop strategy for growth and scale.

Partnerships for Scale

We are expert partnership builders with deep networks in frontier markets. We help our clients develop local partnerships for supply and distribution, cross-sector and/or pre-competitive partnerships to address shared market risk and co-invest in market development, and connections for co-investment to launch new solutions and unlock new sources of finance for scale.


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