Expanding Market Access

Helping companies reach new customers and realize opportunities in emerging markets.

We help companies launch, evolve, and scale in new markets.

For clients looking to launch and implement new solutions in emerging markets, we provide tailored roadmaps to navigate key market challenges:

  • Market Exploration (selecting and prioritizing target markets)
  • Market Entry (establishing context-driven partnerships and strategy before launch at scale) 
  • Market Growth (determining the best model for growth and updating strategy and partnerships for expansion)
  • Market Pivot (outlining strategic pivot or responsible exit strategies)
Thought Leadership

Using Inclusive Business to Unlock Frontier Markets

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How We Can Help

We bring strategic expertise and deep networks to drive market access and business growth in frontier and emerging markets.

Business Model Design

We help companies and entrepreneurs adapt and develop business models to create new solutions, products, and strategies to thrive in emerging markets.

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Go-to-Market Analysis and Strategy.

We compare and prioritize target markets; conduct competitive analyses; assess market size; articulate value proposition; support customer definition, segmentation, and development; guide pricing planning; advise marketing and distribution strategies; map the local context and policy landscape; and help companies develop strategies for growth and scale.

Partnerships for Scale

We are expert partnership builders with deep networks in emerging markets. We help our clients develop local partnerships for supply and distribution, cross-sector and pre-competitive partnerships to address shared market risk and opportunity, and connections to catalytic finance.


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Fresh Insight

How to Successfully Launch a Sustainable Business Model for Digital Solutions

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James Bernard

Meet with James Bernard

An internationally recognized expert on multi-stakeholder partnerships, with more than 25 years of experience, James built and leads Resonance’s global consulting practice focused on corporate, foundation, and non-governmental organization (NGO) partners.

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