Impact Advisory

We help organizations understand the threats and implement meaningful solutions to climate shocks. We help integrate your sustainability and resilience priorities into your business strategy and implement the actions that will drive climate adaptation and deliver sustainable business results.

Our Impact Advisory team offers global strategic planning perspective, partnership expertise, innovation capabilities, and extensive local implementation experience to drive sustainable impact and resilience.

We focus on four areas that build resilience and positive outcomes for every stakeholder:

Risk Reduction

Identifying the vulnerabilities to climate shocks and developing adaptation strategies for stakeholders and communities.

Value Creation

Designing adaption products, services, and resilience innovations to allow organizations and communities to thrive in a changing climate.

Just Transition

Enabling place-based, inclusive approaches that build local capacity, empower people and communities to solve complex challenges, and maximize social, environmental, and economic benefits necessary for resilience.

Resilience Dividend

Building the business case for your strategic initiatives leads to more effective projects, policies, and solutions that save resources, foster resilience, and generate a competitive business advantage.

Technical Services

Today’s biggest sustainability and resilience challenges require technical services and support


Partnership Development

Resonance specializes in strategic partnerships to help our clients combine resources, know-how, and networks in powerful ways to solve urgent problems on the ground, and achieve long-lasting, meaningful outcomes and impact.


Innovation & Design

Resonance works directly with companies to advance resilience, impact, and sustainability goals. Our innovation client journey addresses complex problems through co-creation; inclusive, market-led innovation; and shared value partnership.


Climate and Entrepreneurial Finance

Our finance practice is focused on successful execution on the ground. We tailor our financial vehicles to local realities in a variety of challenging environments, crafting unique partnerships to streamline implementation in the client's circumstances. Our solutions are fully integrated with our client’s activities and support long-term financial sustainability.


Learning and Change Management

We offer a diverse and extensive experience in change management facilitation. We help organizational changemakers design and implement a systematic approach that ideally effects and manages the transition or transformation of their organization’s goals, roadmaps, and initiatives through implementation, adaptation, and evaluation.

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