Design & Facilitation

Connecting the dots between diverse actors, to set new partnerships up for success.

Any partnership can look good on paper. But to work well in practice, you need to get it right at the start. Bringing diverse players together—and coming to terms on what to do, how to do it, and who will do what—can be painstaking, delicate work. We know how to guide partners through this process, creating—together—a partnership that will motivate, excite, and strategically engage all involved. 

Partnership Co-Design

Through participatory workshops and one-on-one brainstorming and engagement, we help partners jointly design a partnership that is practical, achievable, context-smart, and ready to deliver on shared objectives. We also help partners bake in sustainability from the start, to set the course for long-term impact.

Partnership Governance and Agreements

We help partners navigate key questions of partnership governance, outlining decision-making structures that balance efficiency with transparency. Then, we help partners craft and align on partnership agreements that outline their shared understanding and formally launch their collaboration.

Let’s solve your problem together.

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