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Better Data, Smarter Tech for Digital Health in Emerging Markets

How good data and patient-centered technology can enhance healthcare access and service delivery in emerging markets.

On-Demand | 52 minutes

Originally Recorded on December 15, 2020

About this webinar:

In emerging markets, patients struggle to access healthcare in general, and the right care in particular. In this session, we engage two founders of technology-based digital health platforms to explore how better data and smart applications of patient-centered technology can address key challenges that limit access to quality healthcare. 

  • Dr. Anatole Menon-Johansson is the Founder and Director of SXT, a UK-based startup that is expanding to Sub-Saharan Africa. SXT allows patients to use their mobile phones to match sexual health needs to a qualified, nearby provider, including testing for HIV and sexually transmitted infections (STIs), contraception and family planning, and sexual assault counseling and services. SXT also enables patients diagnosed with an STI to notify their sexual partners anonymously, and it connects partners to the nearest clinic for testing. 
  • Amir Barsoum is the Founder and CEO of Vezeeta, a digital healthcare booking platform in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA). With over 200,000 verified reviews of medical providers, Vezeeta allows patients to search for, compare, and quickly book appointments with qualified doctors spanning more than 40 specialties. Vezeeta is now serving millions of patients in the region.

In this episode, we will:

  • Learn about the challenges of accessing primary and specialty care in emerging markets. 
  • Gain insight into how entrepreneurs are using data and technology to create more inclusive and effective healthcare systems. 
  • Understand how the design, funding, and structure of a new healthcare venture can facilitate impact and scale. 

IIE Partners

Resonance is an award-winning global consulting firm working at the crossroads of development impact and private sector opportunity. We have designed and forged over 300 cross-sector partnerships to solve pressing business and global development challenges. 

The Legatum Center was founded on the belief that entrepreneurs and their market-driven solutions are critical to advancing economic and social progress in the developing world. In collaboration with Resonance, the Legatum Center is advancing conversations about the role of systems change entrepreneurs, policy influencers, and funders in building more inclusive healthcare systems. The Inclusive Innovation Exchange is a catalyst for advancing scalable solutions to complex healthcare challenges in emerging markets. 

Meet The Presenters


Dr. Anatole Menon-Johansson

Founder and Director of SXT


Amir Barsoum

Founder & CEO, Vezeeta


Dr. Kányinsọ́lá Ọbáyàn

Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, MIT Programs in Digital Humanities


Chantal Akinyemi

Senior Analyst, Resonance

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