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The world is changing, and companies must constantly navigate new supply chain risks and opportunities. We help companies anticipate and address social and environmental risk factors while taking steps to boost the resilience, sustainability, and equity of complex global supply chains.

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Supply Chain Resilience and Sustainability

We work with companies across key angles of supply chain resilience and sustainability — from piloting innovations for transparency and traceability to partnering with farmers for sustainable agriculture. We align impact targets with core business objectives for more responsible, secure, and sustainable supply chains.


Equitable, Inclusive Value Chains

Today's forward-thinking companies are working to reimagine their value chains as a force for good. They're looking to realize the promise of fair labor, expand economic opportunities for women, and identify new partners to forge more diverse and inclusive value chains. In these and other areas, we help companies across industries find the partners they need to advance the social impact and equity in their supply chains.

Our Supply Chain Consulting Process

Partnership Development

Partnership Development

We identify the network of stakeholders — civil society, donors, investors, and suppliers — with the assets and interests to create collaborative supply chain solutions. Then, we help co-design, negotiate, and implement partnerships that increase collective action and co-investment for social and business impact.

Designed Innovation

Design & Innovation

We bring deep expertise in open innovation, crowdsourcing new market-led solutions to intractable or emerging supply chain challenges. We work on piloting and accelerating innovations for regenerative agriculture, sustainable seafood, responsible recruitment, worker voice, and supply chain sustainability.

Innovative Finance

Innovative Finance

We help investors, foundations, and companies develop and implement investment and finance strategies to address complex supply chain sustainability challenges. This includes identifying finance partners and high-impact funding opportunities, such as new innovations and enterprises that advance supply chain efficacy and sustainability.

"There are many innovative solutions that can help organizations address challenges along supply and value chains; the real work comes in reaching scale. We work with clients and partners to problem solve at every stage of the journey."

- Steve Schmida, Resonance CIO

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