Partnership Development

Guiding you through every step of the partnership lifecycle.

Today’s biggest sustainability and global development challenges can’t be solved alone. We need collaboration to get things done—and to create results that last.

Resonance specializes in strategic partnerships that help our clients combine resources, know-how, and networks in powerful ways to solve problems and achieve impact.

Strategy Development

We'll help you decide how, where, and with whom to partner to solve critical business and global development challenges. We craft concrete and customized partnership strategies, tailored to each client’s target markets and priority challenges. 

Then, we help convert that strategy into action. 

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Partner Strategy Development

Opportunity Mapping

Drawing on our global networks and in-house partnership tools, we help you uncover strategic, shared-value partnership opportunities. We map the partner landscape, design bespoke collaboration models, identify and vet partnership opportunities, and present our clients with clear next steps. 

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Opportunity Mapping

Design & Facilitation 

Forging a strong partnership can be complex and time-consuming. We help you connect the dots to create a strong foundation and shared vision for partnership.

Our team helps partners agree on shared objectives, define rolesco-design new solutions, and lay the groundwork for action. 

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Adaptive Management

We make sure that partnerships on paper translate into real-world impactWe offer a range of processes and tools for partnership action planning, partner communications, metrics, and learning.  We also directly coordinate partnership implementation, supporting partners to stay on track, navigate change, and monitor impact. 

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Sustaining & Scaling Impact 

From the outset, we build partnerships with sustainability and scale in mind. We help our clients plan and execute strategies to achieve lasting results and identify pathways to scale. 

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Partnership Training

Building and managing strong partnerships demands new skills for many organizations. We’ve trained over a thousand changemakers in partnership strategy, design, and management. We help companies and global development organizations build the soft and hard skills needed for effective collaboration and collective impact.

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Partnership is what we do: We help our clients collaborate to implement market-based solutions to strengthen supply chains, reach new customers, and protect the planet.

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