A Resonance Webinar Series

Cultivating the Future Through Food

Hear from leaders from across the food system—major companies, governments, social innovators, investors, civil society—as they share best practices, lessons learned, and what’s on the horizon for food system transformation.

Cultivating the Future Through Food

What is the leading edge of partnership, innovation, and action for a sustainable global food system? Be inspired by real examples of how leaders from every sector are shaping a more sustainable, resilient, and productive food system.

Recent Webinar

Enabling Dietary Shifts For Food System Transformation

58 minutes

To create a sustainable food future, it's critical that we not only address how we grow our food, but also address what we eat. In this episode, we dive into strategies and tactics for scaling plant-based consumption and equitably shift dietary patterns.

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Program Overview

Our global food system is a marvel, but it will not sustainably feed the world of tomorrow.

This series aims to look under the hood of food system transformation. It focuses on the mechanics of how to drive impact for a sustainable food system, bringing together leading practitioners who are in the trenches developing and executing transformation strategies to enhance environmental, social, and personal wellbeing. Each episode will focus on a key area of the food system where creative collaboration is needed to achieve shared goals.

On-Demand Webinars and Past Events


Taking Farmer-Centric Approaches to Regenerative Agriculture Transitions

54 minutes

Learn how to effectively partner with farmers to support their transition to regenerative production methods.


How to Create a Circular Economy for Food Partnership

57 minutes

A discussion with Gregory Belt, Evergrain and Anna Steffens, Apeel Sciences.


Launch Event: The Circular Economy Action Agenda for Food

59 minutes

Explore how cross-sector leaders are working together to embrace the circular economy and transform the food system.

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