Impossible Series

A webinar dedicated to telling the incredible stories of innovators who have defied all odds to create new markets that have had a significant impact on society.

By highlighting the theme of “impossibility” and connecting the activities of these innovators with innovation theories and frameworks, this series will offer hope and inspiration to future market-creators.

Stories of Market Creation

Unfortunately, despite noteworthy efforts to reduce poverty, global prosperity remains elusive for more than 80% of the world’s population. A different paradigm, anchored in innovation and entrepreneurship, is the critical missing piece in the economic prosperity puzzle. 

But for innovation and entrepreneurship to be successful, investors and policymakers must believe in the significant potential of entrepreneurship as a catalyst for growth and prosperity, especially in dire circumstances. 

By learning from innovators who have created new markets that have made products simple and affordable for many, our hope is to normalize the process of market creation.

Program Overview

The Impossible Series is hosted by Efosa Ojomo, Director of Global Prosperity at the Clayton Christensen Institute, and Jay Chikobe, Associate on the Design & Innovation Series at Resonance Global. Together, they bring in innovators from all spaces who have created new markets which allowed products to become simple, accessible, and affordable for many.


On-Demand Webinars and Past Events


Creating a Market for Plastic Waste in Nigeria

63 minutes

In this episode, we sit down with the founder of Wecyclers, Bilikiss Adebiyi-Abiola, to learn more about how they went from the impossible to creating a market for plastic waste in Nigeria.


Creating a Market for Insurance in Emerging Markets

64 minutes

In this episode, we chat with Richard Leftley, Founder & CEO of MicroEnsure, about why he founded MicroEnsure, how the insurance market works in Asia and Africa.


Creating a Market for Affordable Healthcare in Brazil

63 minutes

In this episode, we speak with Thomaz Srougi about how he delivers smarter, faster healthcare, and how he pulled off the impossible and delivers a market for affordable healthcare in Brazil.

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