The Partnership Development Guide

The Partnership Development Guide

Learn how to solve your toughest challenges with the right partnership solutions


Our free Partnership Development Guide leads you through the process and tools you need to create effective, impactful partnership solutions that solve problems and drive sustainability.

We help you understand the root cause of your problem; identify your organization’s applicable assets and gaps; map potential partners; and prioritize and select your best options.

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From Problem to Partnership

As market problems grow more complex, organizations are turning to partners to find complementary capabilities to solve their most challenging, external problems. But success isn’t guaranteed.

Step-by-Step Guide

The guide outlines the four steps before engaging a partner to ensure a successful partnership. How to define your problem and review your internal capabilities. Find which organizations are working on the same problem and learn how to evaluate potential partners.


Partnership Analysis Worksheets

Use these worksheets to clearly organize your needs; better understand the root cause of your problem; identify the assets your company already has; and identify the assets and the type of partner that is the best fit.


Consultation with a Partnership Expert

Schedule a consultation with our partnership expert. Together, you’ll learn how to find the right partner to help solve your biggest problem(s).

Free Consultation with a Partnership Expert

Discover how to find and create effective partnerships with The Partnership Development Guide.

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