Online Resources for Building Partnerships During COVID-19

April 29, 2020 1 minute read

Online Resources for Building Partnerships During COVID-19

Cross-sector partnerships are a critical tool for tackling COVID-19 response and recovery.

I wrote Partner with Purpose to give business professionals the tools, insights, and confidence they need to engage and build impactful collaborations with governments, NGOs, and communities. I’ve posted a couple of tools here and we will continue to add more in the days and weeks ahead.

5 Online Resources for Building Partnerships During COVID-19

There are a number of additional free online resources that those working on COVID-19 response and recovery can make use of as they look to develop partnerships. Here are five that are worth checking out.

1. The Intersector Project

The Intersector Project is a non-profit organization that empowers practitioners in the business, government, and non-profit sectors to collaborate to solve problems that cannot be solved by one sector alone. Intersector’s website includes a helpful toolkit for building and managing cross-sector partnerships.

2. The PPPLab

The PPPLab was an action research initiative to better understand the relevance, effectiveness, and quality of Dutch-supported cross sector partnerships. Although no longer active, the PPPLab website contains some great tools for building and scaling cross-sector partnerships.

3. The Partnerships Resource Centre

The Partnerships Resource Centre (PrC) is an international research and knowledge center for public-private collaboration for sustainable and inclusive development. Embedded within Rotterdam School of Management, the PrC contains a wealth of research and practitioner tools on partnerships.

4. The Partnering Initiative

The Partnering Initiative is an independent non-profit dedicated to unleashing the power of partnership for a prosperous and sustainable future. The UK-based organization has a number of partnership-related tools and resources on their website.

5. The Annual Review of Social Partnerships

The Annual Review of Social Partnerships is written for and by cross-sector social partnership academics and practitioners that focus on collaboration across nonprofit, business, and public sectors. A great resource for the academic and research communities.

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