We help companies expand opportunity in emerging markets and innovate to create resilient supply chains and business models.

Private Sector Corporations

We help our clients succeed in new markets and strengthen global supply chains.

We bring deep expertise in global business, sustainability, and development progress, with a pragmatic understanding of the challenges that businesses face when operating in emerging markets. We work with multinational companies to define strategy, build cross-sector partnerships, and deploy targeted innovation with the goal of unlocking growth and economic opportunity.

We bring a particular focus to supporting companies in the following key industries:

  • Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) and Food & Beverage. We help companies such as Unilever, Cargill, and PepsiCo collaborate with donors, NGOs, and farmers’ cooperatives to strengthen agricultural value chains, innovate for agricultural resilience and market opportunity, and drive collective action and co-investment for sustainability and social inclusion.
  • Seafood. We’ve helped companies such as Thai Union and Mars Petcare collaborate with government and NGOs to pilot new solutions for transparent, sustainable, and ethical seafood supply chains. All told, we’ve forged over 25 cross-sector partnerships to advance sustainability and social investment in the fishing sector.
  • Technology. We have helped some of the world’s leading tech companies pilot new technology innovations and invest with impact in emerging markets. 
  • Health. We deploy innovation, localized strategies for market access, and cross-sector partnership to help companies expand new health products and services in emerging markets, strengthen health systems and infrastructure, and devise supply chain solutions that enable more efficient global health delivery and improve patient outcomes.
Problems We Solve

Across our work, we draw on our understanding of emerging market dynamics and our deep cross-sector networks.

Strengthening Supply Chains

We help companies improve sustainability and social inclusion in their global manufacturing and agriculture supply chains. By developing innovative approaches to cross-sector partnerships, Resonance helps improve productivity; mitigate social and environment risk; and enhance supply chain resilience, productivity, and sustainability. With a deep bench of global business and development experts, we know how to design and implement informed, collaborative, outside-the-box supply chain solutions. 

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Expanding Market Access

We help companies unlock opportunity and reach new customers in emerging markets with analytical services that are tailored to market exploration, new market entry, and market expansion. We are uniquely positioned to work with clients seeking to reach underrepresented customer segments and new market geographies. Additionally, we help companies identify new partners and resources to help them better understand the market and support expansion priorities.

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Driving Environmental Sustainability

We work with companies to develop and implement programs that advance corporate sustainability, transparency, and resilience. We bring strong expertise in agriculture, sustainable seafood, climate resilience, conservation enterprise, and clean energy, helping companies make real change in their operations to improve the world.

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Facilitating Economic Growth and Social Inclusion

Smart companies are increasingly tying social inclusion metrics into core business drivers. Resonance helps multinational companies develop strategies, programs, and approaches to build stronger ties to the countries where they work. This can be done through cross-sector or pre-competitive partnerships that help ensure that all people have access to economic opportunity. 

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How we solve them

We work at all levels of multinational companies – from the boardroom to the field teams –advancing new, collaborative solutions to complex supply chain and market challenges.

Partnership Development

We identify, design, broker, and implement cross-sector and pre-competitive partnerships that solve shared challenges, bring new resources to scale solutions, and create new opportunity for supply chain transparency and sustainability, growth in emerging markets, and social inclusion.

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Market Strategy, Business Model Design, and Innovation

We offer a suite of client services to assess, prioritize, and design new emerging market opportunities. We evaluate and create new business models that factor in the complexities and contexts of emerging markets. We also use open innovation to help our clients crowdsource and invest in cutting-edge solutions for global supply chains, health access, and resilience and sustainability.

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Innovative Finance

We help companies, investors, and foundations leverage their investments in emerging markets by crowding in other sources of capital. Resonance aligns investment strategy to company objectives; identifies and prioritizes high-potential opportunities; and assesses and structures innovative development finance mechanisms, such as results-based financing, development impact bonds/pay-for-success contracts, and loan guarantees.

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Thought Leadership

5 Critical Questions to Build a More Resilient Company in a Post-COVID World

The global economy functions fairly well when faced with predictable demands. But the COVID crisis [...]

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James Bernard

Meet with James Bernard

An internationally recognized expert on multi-stakeholder partnerships, with more than 25 years of experience, James built and leads Resonance’s global consulting practice focused on corporate, foundation, and non-governmental organization (NGO) partners.

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