We help our clients succeed in new markets and strengthen global supply chains.

We work with companies across industries to integrate impact with core business strategy. Across activities, we help our clients prioritize impact goals, shape strategy that gets results, build dynamic partnerships, and deploy inclusive innovation to scale solutions for emerging markets and sustainable supply chains.

Companies - Who We Work With
Companies - Who We Work With

Strengthening Supply Chains

We help companies improve sustainability and social inclusion in their global manufacturing and agriculture supply chains. Through partnership and inclusive innovation, we help businesses take a collaborative, outside-the-box approach to mitigating social and environmental risk and enhancing supply chain resilience and sustainability.

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Expanding Market Access

We help our clients unlock opportunity and reach underrepresented customer segments in emerging markets. Together, we also identify new partners and resources to deepen companies' market understanding and support expansion priorities.

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Driving Environmental Sustainability

We work with companies to design and implement programs that advance corporate sustainability and resilience. We bring strong expertise in regenerative agriculture, circular economy approaches, sustainable seafood, climate resilience, conservation, and clean energy, helping our clients take action for sustainable impact.

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