Manuel Bueno

Director, Innovative Finance

About Manuel

As Director of Innovative Finance at Resonance, Manuel oversees the firm’s Innovative Finance offering and business development, including the access to, design, and implementation of investment products and financing vehicles to mobilize capital, tailored to the local realities in emerging markets, and integrating Resonance’s partners and activities on the ground.

Manuel has more than 10 years of conservation and impact investment experience in emerging markets. As an investment professional, Manuel’s career spans Latin America, Africa and Asia, and a broad range of sectors, including agribusiness, fisheries, forestry, and manufacturing. Prior to joining Resonance, Manuel co-founded and led a pioneering coastal fisheries impact investing fund in the Philippines and Indonesia, and managed the portfolio of an agriculture impact investor in West Africa. Manuel has also structured and implemented other impact vehicles and products to support small-holder shrimp farm renovation, forest restoration, and coastal resiliency, among others.

He holds a Master in Business at Tilburg University, the Netherlands, and a BSc in Economics at the London School of Economics.