Global Health

Resonance works with companies and the international development community to advance innovative solutions that expand health access and strengthen health systems.

cross-sector health solutions

We deliver market-based and cross-sector solutions for global health.

Resonance deploys market-based and cross-sector solutions to improve health access and strengthen health systems in emerging markets. We bring diverse actors together – from the private sector, government, and foundations – to generate cross-sector value by easing market expansion and tackling the systemic hurdles standing in the way of globally accessible and high-quality healthcare.

Harnessing Markets for Health. The market is critical to advancing widespread and sustainable access to vital health products and services. Companies and the public sector must ensure the right services are offered to the right populations at the right prices. Resonance brings deep understanding of frontier markets and market-led solutions to help our clients make markets work to expand health access and opportunity.

Health Systems Strengthening. Health systems determine everything from how health information is stored, used and shared; to how essential medicines are procured; to how health services are delivered. Resonance works with the private and public sectors to strengthen global health systems. We collaborate with communities, companies, and health institutions to identify weaknesses in health systems and devise and implement collaborative, cross-sector, and sustainable solutions.

More Efficient Health Supply Chains. Resonance collaborates on supply chain solutions that benefit businesses, providers, and patients – driving more efficient delivery of high-quality health products to the people who need them.

Project Profile

Access for All: Expanding critical HIV/AIDS care to marginalized groups in Zambia

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How We Can Help

At Resonance, we apply innovative, market-led solutions to global health challenges.

Partnership Development

We identify collaboration opportunities, align diverse interests through expert facilitation, negotiate and craft collaboration agreements, and implement partnerships that drive collective action and co-investment for health initiatives.

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Innovative and New Business Model Design

We crowdsource and accelerate health innovations, guide new business model design for health service delivery in emerging markets, and cultivate dynamic health innovation ecosystems. 

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Innovative Finance for Health

We help clients both mobilize new capital and increase the effectiveness of existing investments to tackle problems in global health. We provide investment strategy support, transaction advisory, and capacity building to help clients and partners better leverage and deploy funding to improve health outcomes. 

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Market Strategy

We lead product-, service-, or geography-specific market research and develop actionable strategy to improve market access, de-risk health supply chains, and strengthen health systems. 

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Impact Story

Future-Proofing Open Source Healthcare Software

With support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and VillageReach, Resonance worked to [...]

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