SSG Advisors Becomes Resonance

February 27, 2018 1 minute read

SSG Advisors Becomes Resonance

Steve Schmida, Managing Director of SSG Advisors, announced this week, that the company has officially changed its name to Resonance.

Nazgul Abdrazakova, CEO, explained that the new name would reflect the evolving focus and vision of the company, adding, “Thanks to our amazing clients and partners, we are very fortunate to have experienced tremendous growth over the last five years.  We are changing our name to Resonance to better reflect who we are and spearhead the work that we do.”

Since 2005, SSG Advisors has been a Vermont-based company, working with the private sector, NGOs, foundations, and development agencies to bridge-the-gap between global development agendas and private sector interests, alleviating poverty while helping businesses grow and respond to new challenges. They have built over 200 partnerships and delivered solutions that enable businesses to achieve their growth objectives, NGOs to fulfill their missions, and development agencies to reach billions of individuals born into poverty.

While the name is changing, Resonance will hold true to the company’s core mission to ignite opportunity and advance global good. They will continue to be a Vermont-based company with offices in Washington, DC and Seattle. The company will continue to focus on helping their clients develop and scale solutions to challenges, such as poverty, climate change and extremism.

According to Steve Schmida, Managing Director, “We are immensely proud of the achievements of our team over the last decade. Looking to the future, our world faces tremendous challenges – economic, social and environmental.

As Resonance, we will enable our clients to meet those challenges with solutions that deliver lasting impact.”

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