About Us

Resonance is a global consulting firm that helps clients solve social, economic, and environmental challenges to achieve sustainability goals and drive opportunity.

We are a mission-driven, results-oriented global consulting firm.

We work directly with changemakers in the private sector and the international development community to solve pressing development and sustainability challenges, strengthen supply chains, and generate market opportunity.

We use innovation, partnership, and market-led solutions to create transformative results for communities and companies worldwide.

Our clients include Fortune 500 companies, development agencies, foundations, and leading NGOs. 

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The shared values that Resonators bring to our craft every day.

Thrive Together

Our collective success stems from a shared sense of purpose, the inclusion of diverse perspectives, and a commitment to thoughtful, on-going collaboration with all our stakeholders.

  • Inclusion and collaboration with our co-workers, partners, and stakeholders are essential for meaningful outcomes. 
  • We are connected to each other, our clients, and our communities through shared values.

Entrepreneurial Mindset

We bring an entrepreneurial spirit and a resourceful can-do mentality to every aspect of our work.

  • We rise to each challenge with curiosity, resourcefulness, ambition and determination.
  • We empower our team members to think outside the box and to make a difference in their work within the company, with our clients, and within our communities.

Transformative Results

We are both a mission-driven and performance-oriented business that delivers transformative outcomes for our clients.

  • We believe every engagement should lead to financially sustainable, tangible results that drive positive transformation for both the business community and vulnerable populations.
  • We expect our work to catalyze positive social, environmental, and economic outcomes that also generate private sector opportunity.

Thoughtful Innovation

Our innovative approach is driven by our passion for solving difficult problems with transformative, market-led solutions.

  • We are dedicated problem solvers who rise to each challenge with open minds, deep expertise, and a focus on transformative solutions.
  • We are innovators and implementers: we know what it takes to turn bold ideas into effective, real-world solutions for companies and communities.

Integrity Lived

We act with integrity, authenticity, and empathy.

  • We engage our stakeholders through honest input, listening, and feedback.
  • We earn trust through productive, long-standing relationships with our clients, partners, and the communities we serve.

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We work collaboratively with our clients to shape and implement transformative solutions to a range of business and global development challenges.

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