Strengthening Supply Chains

We work with private and public sector clients to combat supply chain disruption and enhance the transparency, sustainability, and equity of global supply chains.

The world is changing, and companies are constantly navigating new supply chain risks and opportunities.

We work with companies to anticipate and respond to emerging market, labor, and environmental risks; and to seize opportunities to boost competitiveness, resilience, and sustainability across global supply chains.

Supply Chain Risk. Every company faces complex social and environmental challenges within their supply chains. Many of these challenges cannot be solved by one actor alone. We help companies devise new solutions and come together with like-minded organizations to manage and reduce risk within global supply chains. 

Supply Chain Resilience and Opportunity. We work with companies on all angles of supply chain resilience – from enhancing the quality and resilience of supply, to championing women’s empowerment and farmer livelihoods, to leading in environmental sustainability. Throughout, we advance concrete business objectives, ensuring more productive, efficient, and sustainable supply chains. 

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Pre-Competitive Collaboration Best Practices for Supply Chain Sustainability

How to identify creative ways to partner to tackle key business challenges.

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How We Can Help

We help companies uncover risk and create collaborative, forward-looking solutions to supply chain challenges.

Comprehensive Partner Landscape Mapping

We identify the network of stakeholders – civil society, donors, investors, suppliers – with the assets and interest to create collaborative new supply chain solutions. We then help co-design, negotiate, and implement partnerships that drive social and business impact.

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Platforms for Co-investment and Collective Action

We facilitate partnerships and multi-stakeholder alliances that increase collective action and co-investment to address shared supply chain challenges; enhance supply chain transparency; and create more sustainable, equitable, and productive supply chains.

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Supply Chain Innovation

We bring deep expertise in open innovation, crowdsourcing new market-led solutions to intractable or emerging supply chain and sustainability challenges. We work to pilot and accelerate new innovations for next generation agriculture; sustainable seafood; responsible recruitment; worker voice; and supply chain transparency, resilience, and sustainability. 


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Sustainable Business Roadmaps

We help companies navigate complex social or environmental challenges and create customized, practical strategies to enhance sustainability within their supply chains. Additionally, we work with companies to benchmark peers and establish smart goals to make progress over time. 

Applied Global Development Expertise

Where complex economic, social, and environmental issues intersect with supply chains, we draw on our deep bench of global development experts to advise companies and support strategy development. Our staff have the business and technical know-how to advise on topics ranging from conservation and climate, to agricultural development and fair labor, to security and trade policy. 

Innovative Finance

We help investors, foundations, and companies develop and implement investment and finance strategies to address complex supply chain and sustainability challenges. We help clients identify a pipeline of high-impact funding opportunities, including new innovations and enterprises that advance supply chain efficacy and sustainability.

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Project Profile

Global Development Alliance: Investing in Women to Strengthen Supply Chains

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