Strengthening Supply Chains

Making global supply chains better for people and planet.

The world is changing, and companies must constantly navigate new supply chain risks and opportunities.

We help companies anticipate and address social and environmental risk factors, while taking steps to boost the resilience, sustainability, and equity of complex global supply chains.

Supply Chain Resilience and Sustainability

We work with companies across key angles of supply chain resilience and sustainabilityfrom piloting new innovations for transparency and traceability, to partnering with farmers for sustainable agriculture, to leading on climate and circular economy. Throughout, we align impact targets with core business objectives, for more responsible, secure, and sustainable supply chains.


Equitable, Inclusive Value Chains

Today's forward-thinking companies are working to reimagine their value chains as a force for good. They're looking to realize the promise of fair labor; to expand economic opportunity for women; and to identify new partners to forge more diverse and inclusive value chains. In these and other areas, we help companies across industries find the partners they need to advance social impact and equity in their supply chains.