Partnership Development

Resonance designs and facilitates strategic cross-sector partnerships that amplify impact, innovation, and scale within global development initiatives and business supply chains.

Resonance works at the intersection of the business and development communities.

In this time of economic, social, and environmental transformation, many critical business and development challenges cannot be solved by one actor alone. Strategic collaboration can amplify impact, boost efficiency and scalability, and inject innovation into global development initiatives and complex supply chains.

We have developed over 300 cross-sector partnerships. These partnerships test innovative new technologies, strengthen markets and value chains, create new models for the delivery of vital products and services, and promote development finance.

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We work across the full partnership life cycle – from initial ideation and opportunity identification to successful partnership closeout and scale.

Partner Strategy Development

Resonance crafts concrete and customized partnership strategies. We pair partnership opportunity assessments with participatory design and action planning. We then work with our clients to convert strategy into action.

Partnership Assessment and Identification

We have the analytical tools, the experience, and the networks to uncover strategic, shared-value partnership opportunities that solve complex business and development challenges. We map the partner landscape, design bespoke collaboration models, identify real-world opportunities and partners, and present our clients with clear next steps for partnership.

Partnership Facilitation and Brokering

Negotiating a strong partnership can be difficult and time-consuming. We help our clients connect the dots among diverse actors and co-create a shared vision for partnership. Our expert facilitators know how to set a partnership up for success: We help partners identify areas of aligned interest, understand and deploy their complementary assets, and lay the groundwork for action.

Partnership Implementation

We make sure that partnerships on paper translate into real-world impact. Resonance provides clients incubation-to-closing support, with tools and processes for partnership activity plan development, partner coordination and communications, partnership adaptive management, and monitoring and learning. We also help determine, ‘what’s next?’ to close, evolve, scale, or sustain a partnership venture.

Cross-Sector Partnership Training

We understand that cross-sector collaboration is not easy. Building and managing strong partnerships demand new skills for many organizations. We’ve trained over a thousand people in partnership strategy, design, and management. We help build the soft and hard skills needed for effective collaboration and collective impact.

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PEPSE: Development Impact Through Private Sector Engagement

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