Innovation and Acceleration

Resonance uncovers, seeds, and accelerates market-led innovations that solve pressing business and development challenges.

market-led innovations

Resonance translates promising ideas into solutions that last.

In frontier markets, complex business and development challenges demand bold new solutions. But sourcing innovative ideas is just the first step.

To succeed, innovators need a smart business model, strong networks, and a supportive enabling environment. Resonance works directly with companies and development actors to identify and accelerate market-led innovations that fit and thrive in the local context. We translate promising ideas into solutions that last.

Thought Leadership

How Inclusive Innovation Fosters Global Prosperity

Q&A with Jay Chikobe, Resonance Manager, Design & Innovation Services

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How We Can Help

We work with our clients to unearth innovative ideas, shape smart business models, and accelerate the impact of social innovators and new business ventures.

Uncovering Innovation

Resonance deploys open innovation to crowdsource and uncover new solutions to business, social, and environmental challenges. We work with both corporate and development clients to frame, launch, and manage open innovation competitions, to identify and support local and global innovators with promising ideas and business models. We also offer co-creation facilitation to bring key stakeholders together to brainstorm, shape, and launch new solutions.

Designing New Business Models

We deploy new business model design to find more effective, scalable, and sustainable ways to deliver vital products and services to communities worldwide. We work with companies, social innovators, and development partners to co-design business models that are:

  1. Appropriate to local context
  2. Justified by a strong, well-articulated value proposition
  3. Realistic, feasible, and backed by clear-eyed financials.

Accelerating Impact

Resonance works with entrepreneurs to stress-test their business models and identify priority areas for incubation and acceleration services. Based on this needs assessment, we either provide acceleration services directly or draw on our networks to connect entrepreneurs to the partners and support they need to refine and scale their solutions.

Building the Innovation Ecosystem

In target countries, development sectors, or supply chains, we work with our clients to strengthen the innovation ecosystem. We draw on our innovation and strategic partnership expertise to map the landscape, uncover relevant innovators and champions, and connect innovators to vital support networks. We build communities of problem solvers, conductors, investors, and conveners, who, together, can seed and foster new solutions.

Project Profile

Catalyst: Using Open Innovation to Drive Bold New Solutions

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