Xin Nie

Project Manager, PDU

About Xin

Xin brings nearly a decade of experience collaborating with the private sector to drive economic growth and enhance social well-being. Currently, she serves as the Project Manager for the $20 million Investing in Women to Strengthen Supply Chains project, co-funded by USAID and PepsiCo. Throughout her career, Xin has cultivated relationships with both large and small private sector partners across diverse industries, including agribusiness, ecommerce, ecotourism, handicrafts, automobile, and pharmaceuticals. Within the realm of international development, she has provided guidance to micro and small enterprises in areas such as growth strategy, capacity building, export readiness, and access to financing.

Most recently, she worked on several USAID-funded projects in Asia and Africa, where she actively engaged with the private sector to build resilient livelihoods. Prior to that, Xin contributed her expertise to a Washington D.C.-based impact investment fund and microfinance institution, helping raise funds for micro and small enterprises.

Xin began her career in the communications industry, where she played a role in assisting Fortune 500 companies with investor and media relations. She holds a master's degree in Social Policy and Development from the London School of Economics.