About Us

Igniting Opportunity. Advancing Global Good.

We create win-win opportunities that solve the world’s greatest social and environmental challenges and drive organizational growth at the same time.

What Differentiates Resonance

We offer clients a perspective that is rooted in working on the ground, in the field, where things are happening. The ability to translate from strategy to execution in emerging markets and in collaboration with local communities is what differentiates us as a firm. We don't come to the table with all the answers - we bring an array of technical approaches to identify the core of problems, unify stakeholders, and solve current and anticipated challenges in close partnership.

A Global Consulting Firm


Who Are We?

Resonance is a global consulting and implementing firm with a track record working with international development agencies, the private sector, and catalyst organizations, to create opportunity and drive impact.


We Strengthen Global Development Capacity

We have two+ decades working in partnership with USAID and other catalyst organizations to address urgent challenge-driven initiatives through designed innovation and finance, community capacity building, and cross-sector partnerships. From sustainable fisheries and regenerative AG to digital transformation and women’s empowerment, we help advance prosperity and promote pathways for self-reliance, resilience, and sustainable impact outcomes around the world.


We Help the Private Sector Drive Sustainable Impact

As the private sector engages in development and impact initiatives along their supply and value chains, companies value our implementing capabilities and unique Sustainable Impact approach. We work closely with organizational changemakers to design, resource, and implement roadmaps and initiatives that align sustainability commitments with financial objectives, helping them leverage opportunity and achieve enduring change in capabilities and performance.

Our Clients and Partners

We support our clients and partners through every step to deliver impact, value and growth.

"I am proud our company is built on the vision and collective efforts of changemakers who want to see their work deliver meaningful impact." 

- Resonance CEO Nazgul Abdrazakova

How Can We Help?

We work collaboratively with our clients to shape and implement transformative solutions to a range of business and global development challenges.

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