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Learn Why the Aquaculture Sector Needs an Innovative Assurance Model

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The Partnership Assurance Model—Two Years Later: Accelerating Sustainable Improvements and Verification in Aquaculture.

Traditional sustainability assurance and certification schemes have plateaued on driving environmental and social impact in aquaculture—especially across small-scale operations. Together with Seafood Watch and diverse global partners, we’ve created a different approach: the Partnership Assurance Model (PAM).

PAM accelerates and verifies sustainable aquaculture through a collaborative, area-based approach.

Understand PAM on the Ground

Check out our whitepaper The Partnership Assurance Model—Two Years Later to learn about PAM in action, with insights and lessons learned from active PAM projects in India, Vietnam, and Chile.

In this paper, we cover:

  • An introduction to PAM—our unique approach and the problems it solves
  • Key strategies and best practices for PAM implementation
  • Case studies of PAM projects in Vietnam and India
  • How to get involved in a PAM project

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PAM was designed to provide a scalable model for sustainable improvement, sourcing, and verification for aquaculture farmers of any size.

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