COVID Forward

Our collaborative approach to driving greater resiliency in an uncertain world.

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Innovative and collaborative solutions for the post-COVID future.

COVID-19 will profoundly shake the global economy, inject new instability into global supply chains, and disrupt critical food systems. Governments, civil society, and the private sector will need to act quickly – and together – to define innovative solutions to collectively build back better.

Resonance is working to drive bold collaboration and seed new innovation to rebuild supply chains, protect food security, safeguard agricultural livelihoods, and strengthen enterprise resiliency. We call this COVID Forward – our initiative to empower business and global development clients to greater resiliency in an uncertain world.

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We specialize in innovation and cross-sector collaboration, two essential ingredients to solve complex, emergent challenges.

Partnership Development

COVID-19 is the ultimate cross-sector problem: its effects have spread from continent to continent, compromising bedrock industries and exposing frightening new fragility in rural and urban communities alike. Shared problems call for shared solutions. For over 15 years, we have been industry leaders in cross-sector collaboration: We know how to design, launch, and implement partnerships with real impact on the ground.

In response to COVID-19, we are working with business and development clients to build partnerships that repair broken linkages in supply chains, facilitate last-mile product and service delivery, test and deploy new technologies, and restore workers’ livelihoods.

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Innovation and Acceleration

This is a time of societal and economic transformation, and we need transformative solutions. Resonance works with companies and global development partners to unearth innovative new solutions and quickly test, launch, and scale the most promising ideas. We guide innovations from conception to completion, translating promising ideas into solutions that last. For COVID-19, we are working to uncover, seed, and accelerate new solutions for the recovery and resilience of global food systems, supply chains, and local economies.

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Supply Chain Solutions

In the wake of COVID, Resonance is working with multinational companies and other diverse partners to repair broken linkages in key supply chains and forge new solutions and collaboration that protect against future supply chain risk. Together, we seek to build more resilient supply chains that allow communities and businesses to recover strong.

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Innovative Finance

The solutions we need are out there, but bold ideas need funding to succeed. With the global economy reeling, it’s an especially challenging moment for both investors and impact-driven startups. Resonance acts as a matchmaker and trusted advisory partner: We help investors craft up-to-date strategy and uncover high-potential opportunities, and we enable social entrepreneurs and innovators to unlock catalytic finance.

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