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Resonance to Launch Inclusive Innovation Exchange in October

Leadership | August 29, 2020

Resonance is pleased to announce its Inclusive Innovation Exchange, a collaborative thought leadership platform to explore successes, opportunities, and lessons in impactful innovation from pioneers in emerging markets. The first series, launching in October, will highlight market trends, partnerships, and key players leading inclusive innovation in global health.

Inclusive innovation leverages business acumen, local context, and strategic partnerships to create novel products and services that contribute to the prosperity and quality of life in emerging markets. These stories of innovation in global and local ecosystems will inspire future innovation, broaden the reach of these new solutions, and promote cross-sector collaboration. Tune in to follow the latest trends and innovators in global health and learn from their ingenuity, challenges, and successes.

At Resonance, we strongly feel that a platform should exist to connect diverse players solving complex challenges and promote increased impact and effectiveness. Through the Inclusive Innovation Exchange, we will engage with innovators, entrepreneurs, multinationals, foundations, and impact investors to share thoughtful conversations around successes, lessons, and opportunities to improve inclusive innovation.

“Innovators inherently look for ways to improve people’s lives. Those that pursue inclusive innovation ensure that their innovations affect people from diverse income levels and geographies,” said Marissa Gilman. “We’ve found that people ranging from start-ups to multinational companies develop transformative ideas with these tenets in mind. We want to give a platform for them to share their lessons learned to inspire more life-changing innovations in health.”

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