Resonance Selects Impact Search Fund Fellow

News - July 18, 2018

Darren Miao, Director of Impact Investing at Resonance, announced the selection of Jacob Levine as Resonance’s inaugural Impact Search Fund Fellow. Based in Chicago, IL, Levine will seek to develop the world’s first impact search fund to demonstrate its potential as an asset class to investors, advisors and institutions within the impact investment community.

According to Miao, “We are thrilled to have Jacob accept the fellowship and work with us in developing a new investment vehicle for the impact investing sector. He possesses both a deep understanding of the search fund model and ways to structure investment transactions. More importantly, Jacob brings a passion for exploring the ways finance can be applied to the impact investing sector.”

Jacob Levine is a rising 2nd year MBA student at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business where he co-chairs both the Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition Club and the Booth Social Impact Club.  Prior to attending business school, he served as the Assistant Vice President for City First Enterprise’s – a community development finance institution (CDFI) based in Washington, DC – Impact Investment Fund where he grew and managed a portfolio of over $20MM in mission-oriented assets.  He also spent several years as the Director of Development for the education non-profit Skills for Living.   During his first-year at business school, he obtained internships at both the Search Fund Alliance and at the search fund incubator NextGen Growth Partners.  He currently is an operating intern reporting directly to the CEO and leading internal consulting projects at one of NextGen’s portfolio companies MHW Ltd which was acquired through the search fund model. He holds a BA in Political Science from the Trinity University.

Founder and Chief Innovation Officer Steve Schmida, echoed Miao’s comments, saying, “Resonance continually is looking to develop and execute innovative models that generate solid returns while creating lasting impact. Jacob Levine brings an entrepreneurial mindset and a shared passion for the industry which we are excited to tap into through the inaugural Impact Search Fund Fellowship.”

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