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Strengthening PepsiCo's Agricultural Supply Chains

News - March 22, 2019

Resonance is helping PepsiCo strengthen its agricultural supply chains by identifying strategic partnerships that can amplify outcomes and extend the reach of its Sustainable Farming Program. Through a process that assessed key issue areas, geographies, and crop-types, Resonance worked with PepsiCo to align internal teams, prioritize the areas where development interests overlap, and build corporate and field capacity through interactive training sessions. Currently, we have active partnerships and projects in India and Egypt.

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"The Resonance team has been an invaluable partner to PepsiCo, with a strong, real-world perspective on global development trends that is helping inform our work every day."- Margaret Henry, Director of Sustainable Agriculture, PepsiCo


For more than 10 years, PepsiCo has had a public commitment to sustainable sourcing across its entire supply chain. To measure and track this commitment, PepsiCo’s team has enacted the Sustainable Farming Program (SFP) to provide training for farmers and to survey, assess, implement, and continually improve farming practices on thousands of farms around the world. The program has helped identify issues in irrigation practices, labor rights, financial management, soil management, and pest control. Although PepsiCo sources from many countries, Resonance has been primarily focused on developing partnerships to address sustainable practices in emerging markets, where smallholder farmers are the dominant providers.


In 2017, PepsiCo’s Sustainable Sourcing team hired Resonance to help align cross-functional teams and to amplify its sustainable sourcing efforts in frontier and emerging markets. Through extensive staff and stakeholder interviews, a prioritization workshop, and field exploration, the team aligned around priority geographic regions, crops, and issue areas that could be addressed through partnerships with international development organizations.

“PepsiCo’s Sustainable Agriculture Initiative has worked with Resonance to research, assess, and recommend options for developing strategic partnerships to help improve farming practices—and, in particular, among female farmers—in our supply chain," said Henry.


Resonance is currently working with stakeholders across India and Egypt to build strategic partnerships that unlock capital, align key stakeholders, drive economic growth, and deliver long-term results for PepsiCo, for smallholder farmers, and for marginalized communities around the world.

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