Ceejay Girard

Senior Supply Chain Manager

About Ceejay

She has 8+ years of experience in ESG investing, microfinance and impact consumer lending which she is currently applying within global agriculture supply chains for a number of large multi-national companies and non-profits. Her work has focused on exploring new markets for operational expansion and developing impact programs or dedicated funds within a variety of different asset classes (i.e., public and private equity, unsecured consumer debt and results-based grant making).

In addition to establishing strategic partnerships, managing consortiums, and activating sustainability strategies in emerging markets, she manages a team at Resonance dedicated to assessing supply chains for opportunities to expand sustainable impact. This work has helped our clients define regionally-specific and locally driven implementation plans, attract leveraged funding for landscape level initiatives, launch blended finance vehicles and more. She has a BS in Environmental Economics from University of California, Berkeley and an MSc in Local Economic Development from London School of Economics. She has also completed the International Executive Programme on Sustainable Sourcing and Trade by the International Trade Centre and SAI Platform.